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I often have dreams in which I get up, get dressed, and go through most of my morning. It is always somewhat disheartening when I finally wake up only to find that I have to start this routine all over again. Nobody likes the part of the morning where you have to leave your nice cozy bed and get moving, and on those mornings I have to do it twice!

This morning, I had what started as one of those dreams. I woke up, got out of bed, and paused a moment to admire the beautiful park outside our bedroom window. When I turned back to the room, however, I found myself facing a large tiger. I wasn’t sure what his intentions were, and from the contemplative look in his eyes and the way he was sniffing me, he wasn’t either. This was unnerving.

Then it occurred to me that our bedroom window does not look our over a park. Aha! I must be dreaming, I thought, and promptly woke up.

It was only later, after a cup of coffee, that I stopped to consider the fact that it was the inappropriate scenery, not the enormous striped carnivore, that clued me in to the non-reality of the situation.

My subconscious is a little weird.

As I mentioned on Twitter, the other night I had a strange dream in which I was having quadruplets.

(No, I am not pregnant.)

In the dream, my biggest (actually, my only) concern was that I did not think I could fit four babies into a single sling/wrap/other baby-wearing apparatus. The dream consisted of my search for the perfect solution for transporting four tiny babies. Everyone had an opinion and was trying to be very helpful. One person suggested I try a sling which looked a little like a bandolier, but with babies instead of bullets. Someone else assured me that four would easily fit in an extra large sling, I would just have to make sure they didn’t smother each other. Yet another informed me I simply needed to accept that I would have to haul all four of them in individual carriers. I asked this person how I was supposed to carry four carriers with two hands and was impatiently informed that was really my problem and why was I being so difficult?

I was thinking that maybe there was a deeper meaning to all of this. Maybe my subconscious was processing this feeling I have that there is a way to do everything I want and need to do in a way that I feel comfortable, and while the myriad of options presented by well-intentioned advisers are all both very plausible and quite possible, none of them are fitting quite right. Maybe I am overwhelmed with juggling so many balls. Maybe the uncertainty of the next 10 months is playing out in my dreams.

Or maybe I have just been reading on multiple gestations and doing ultrasounds on twins and triplets all month.

Could go either way. Crazy dream, in any case.

Oh, and as a side note? Four babies, two hands — really now, how do they do it?

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