If you are puzzled by who on earth BWB is, why I call myself White Horse Girl even though I haven’t actually been on a horse of any color in years, or what the deal is with the corn fairies, the Nomenclature post is a good place to start.

If you are instead wondering what this blog is all about, that is indeed a very good question. I answered it in one way with my very first post, but I find that answer is now outdated.

I am a doctor and a member of the military. I am a mother to a baby boy and a wife to another doctor. I am a crafter, gamer, runner, and a baker. I’m a Christian, an Episcopalian, and what I like to call a Jew-in-Law — My husband is Jewish. Our home is an interfaith home; our family is an interfaith family.

This blog is an exploration of where all of those identities intersect. It’s about me and my life. The things I write represent nobody’s opinion but my own, and none of what I say is intended as medical advice. (I’m a doctor, but I am not your doctor!)

So there you have it. I hope there is something of value to be read here; I know it is valuable to me to write and share it. Thank you for being here to share with.