I can’t believe I have a ten-month-old. Two digits. I was looking at Pinterest the other day and saw all of these adorable ideas of things to do with your baby, and realized that my baby is too old for them. Too. Old. Wait, what? I have to remind myself every day that he is still a baby, still so little, even though he seems so big and is looking more and more like a toddler every time I turn around.

My son’s first priority in life seems to be exploration and movement. This month that has meant that he has perfected his crawling skills and is now a little speed demon. He also has started climbing on things, and while he hasn’t quite figured out how to get up onto our coffee table and cabinets at school yet, he’s trying very hard. He has, however, figured out how to climb up stairs. I find this slightly terrifying. He’s good at it, too — a few days ago he went up the entire staircase (with his dad spotting him closely, of course). I walked out of his bedroom to see him sitting on the next-to-top step, grinning at me. Busy, busy baby. In the last week he has also developed the ability to stand unassisted, and when he’s done standing he lowers himself to the ground instead of toppling over. It is amazing to watch the process as he figures out his body and how it moves.

Of course, with all of this movement comes a lot of bonks. He bonks his head when he miscalculated and topples into things, he bonks when the dog knocks him over, he bonks when he leans on the toy basket and it flips over unexpectedly. The saddest of all bonks are the ones where he runs into a table or windowsill because he is now taller than he was a few weeks ago and no longer has clearance on said piece of furniture. When that happens, he gets this betrayed look on his face as if someone has gone around shortening everything while he was sleeping just to mess with him.

Thanks to a bout of pinkeye (and an ear infection discovered at the same time), we were back at the doctor’s office just before he turned ten months. His weight is hanging out just below the 50th percentile at this point, but his height was back up again closer to the 70th. He grows in one direction at a time, and this month it has been up. I expect we’ll do out for a while soon. Looking back over the year, I suspect we’re going to end up with an average-sized kid, despite a few months of being OMG SO BIG. Given that both BWB and I are small, I didn’t expect a giant child, and I am very happy to have him be stone cold average. The “nine month” sized clothes are the first set which he hasn’t outgrown like mad before he even hit that age, so I think his growth is starting to slow down (as it is supposed to). At the moment, nine-month onesies still fit fine, but we’ve had to move up a size for pants, unless I feel like putting him in capris. Strange. It seems that clothing sizes for little babies are just as confusing as clothing sizes for women, varying by manufacturer and reflecting someone’s random idea of “normal” which may or may not resemble reality.

I could (and should), as always, write an entirely separate post on feeding this little guy. I took an online quiz a few months ago about “What Type Of Mom Are You?” and it told me I am a “whatever works!” mom. Nowhere is that more evident than in my son’s diet. He gets some combination of breastmilk, purees, and table food, and he still eats like a little vacuum cleaner. I am counting down the days until I don’t have to pump anymore, and have started cutting back my pumping at work already, but neither of us is ready to give up nursing anytime soon. It’s so confusing, though; I don’t expect that he will turn one and magically stop eating any purees or bottles and eat only table food with cow milk in a cup, but how does that transition work? I get anxious at the thought of him not having bottles at day care anymore not because he needs the bottles but because it will mean he doesn’t get cuddled on during his snack times. Will he miss the cuddling? How do I know he’s ready to give that up? I know I have two months before any of this has to be acted on, but it is already causing me headaches.

My little explorer finds more and more of his world every day, and I love watching him. He is developing a temper when things don’t go his way, and looks to see if I have noticed he toppled over before deciding he should fuss about it. He gets impatient if we don’t feed him fast enough, or try to feed him more than he’s interested in. My easy bedtime boy has started to stubbornly refuse to go to sleep, in case he misses the party. Mostly, though, he is a cheerful and easy-going baby who entertains himself happily and laughs easily. I love him more than anything, in case you hadn’t noticed. He’s pretty awesome.