The to-do list of things to take care of before we move is dauntingly long. It seems like every day another packet arrives by email or snail mail with forms to fill out, forms to be notarized, forms to have pictures attached to, forms to get fingerprinted on, and forms to tuck checks in with when we mail them back. Then there are the actual physical mechanics of moving: decluttering, weeding out which furniture we’re taking an which we aren’t, finding a moving company vs. renting our own truck. It’s getting to be a very long list.

Then there’s the other to-do list.

As soon as we found out we were leaving New Orleans, I started to make a list of stuff I wanted to make sure and do before we leave. Some of it is cramming as much of all of the things I love and will miss the most abut the city into the few weeks we have left, while some of it is doing those touristy things I’ve always meant to do but never made time for. BWB is not a huge fan of this plan, as he is of the opinion that we will be back soon, maybe even next year, and this list is treating our departure as too permanent for his liking. He understands where I’m coming from, though, and is up for the list as much as possible.

The following is my New Orleans “bucket list” as it stands right now. I keep adding to it, but I still hope we’ll get through most of it.

1. Visit the Old New Orleans Rum distillery with my friend H.
2. Go river tubing.
3. Eat as much Cafe du Monde as possible.
4. Eat as many snoballs as possible.
5. Eat as much crawfish as possible.
6. Go to Upperline at least one more time.
7. Take advantage of the $0.25 martini brunch at Commander’s Palace.
8. Take at least one more cheese class at St. James Cheese Co.
9. Attend French Quarter Fest (done!)
10. Visit the WWII museum.
11. Go on a swamp tour.
12. Go on one of the haunted history tours.
13. Ride my bike down the levee trail at least one more time.
14. Play golf with my friend B in City Park.
15. Take a carriage ride in the French Quarter.

As you can see, many of these points clash with my other to-do item, “lose 12 pounds before starting residency”. I think that one may be a lost cause. Losing weight while leaving New Orleans? Please. I’ve got my priorities straight.

In any case, that’s where it stands right now. I’ll keep you posted on the progress of the list. I’m sure it will get longer, but at least this list I’m looking forward to working on!