Yesterday, one of my residents was looking at Smitten Kitchen and the two of us were talking about various recipes from there which we love.  I told the her I used that blog’s challah recipe every week, and she agreed it was one of the best she knew of.  There wasn’t any discussion of religion, just food, and we moved on to cookies and lemon cakes.

Later, we were out to dinner with some other residents and the topic of conversion came up.  I mentioned that my husband is Jewish and I am Episcopalian but neither of us plans to convert, and there was some bemusement at the table.

Then this resident spoke up, “Yeah, but she makes challah every week.”

Everyone aaahed and nodded, as if that explained everything.  I’m not sure how, but it felt good anyway.  I wonder if that should be my new introduction now: I’m not Jewish, but I make challah every week.  Think that’d work?