One of the odd things about the process of registering for the wedding was how much of it was stuff for me.  Not technically, of course — pots and pans, knives and spatulas, and the most fantastic panini press ever invented (claim not yet verified), all of these things will certainly benefit my husband.  He loves to eat what I cook, after all!  However, the direct, hands-on benefit is mine and mine alone.

And oh, how I am benefiting.  I relish every slice I make with my shiny new Wusthof chef’s knife, piles of paper-thin celery cheerfully accumulating in the wake of a blade which is sharp enough to actually be useful.  I have found a reason to use the Le Cruset enameled dutch oven every day since opening it, burbling incoherently as it politely heats up some marinara sauce for pasta, a job quite below a pot of its stature I am sure.  I would write sonnets to my new food processor if I remembered the form, or could tear myself away from actually using the appliance to do so.  My pots all have handles, handles which are soundly attached no less, lids which fit, and they heat evenly — a word oh-so-close to heavenly, which describes perfectly how I find them.  Suffice it to say, my kitchen has been upgraded and it is bliss.  Then there is the laundry sorter, an item I never expected to be so madly in love with, and the many beautiful items for serving food and beverages in a visually pleasing manner, all of which make me excessively eager to throw lots and lots of parties involving more people than our little house could possibly contain.  I also love looking at each item and remembering who gave it to us, and realizing that all of this awesome stuff is a direct result of people caring about us and helping us build our home.

We did have a few miscalculations, though, and yesterday we took back the handful of items which were either duplicates or physically didn’t fit in the space we thought we would put them in.  This, plus gift cards and a handy discount coupon, gave us a respectable little shopping spree.  At the first store, we grabbed sheets (800 thread count on sale for 50% off, with a further 20% discount — we are quite pleased with that find), some kitchen storage items, and two bath rugs.  In the second store, we acquired a potholder to match one we’d already been given and a rotary grater.  And then we went on to store number three.  I found a very nice looking knife set, from which I wanted to get a santoku and a utility knife, but we decided to keep looking just to see if we found anything better.

Then he saw it.

The Sharper Image Fog-Free Mirror with MP3/Radio Wireless Speakers.  Oh, his eyes lit up.  Look, he said, it has storage for razor blades too!  I bet it could fit both of ours in there, if you wanted.  Hmm, I said.  It looks flimsy.  He assured me he thought that was just the display version.  Hmm, I said.  I hit the DEMO button and a loud, cheerful male announcer announced that this was the Sharper Image Fog-Free Mirror with MP3/Radio Wireless Speakers!  And razor storage!  And clock!  BWB seemed to sense my lack of enthusiasm and diplomatically suggested we finish looking around before making any decisions.

We looked at the cast-iron grill pan (too expensive), some more knives (either too cheap in quality or too rich in price), a decorative glass jug for dispensing drinks from a flimsy plastic spigot (which we would put… where?), and a coffee press (meh).  I drifted back by the knife set, and looked up to see him being sucked into the gravitational pull of the gadgetry.  He gave me a serious look, “We need a clock in the shower.”  Yes, yes we do.  There was a small one on the registry, in fact, but it hadn’t been selected.  “And look, you can connect your ipod for listening to things in the shower!”  Hmm, I said.  He furrowed his brow and sat down to open the package and see what the non-sample version looked like, and if it were any less flimsy looking.  I wandered away to look at Christmas decorations while he evaluated his find.

There really isn’t anything that we have been given for the wedding which was what BWB wanted more than I did.  Well, there is that red apron that he decided he needed, but I don’t really think that counts.  In the store yesterday, I looked at him with the Sharper Image Fog-Free Mirror with MP3/Radio Wireless Speakers and realized that I could get knives another time.  This one was all him.

We are now the proud owners of a Sharper Image Fog-Free Mirror with MP3/Radio Wireless Speakers (and clock, and razor storage).

I love being married.