I’ve been thinking for a while about starting a new blog, one which isn’t tied into various social networks I already have established.  One which gives me a little more freedom, and a little more anonymity.  Not a great deal more anonymity, but at least a little.  The question I had to ask myself, though, was what purpose was I trying to serve?  Why am I doing this?  What is this blog about?

This is not a food blog, although I expect there will be a fair amount of food in it.  I love to cook, but I’m not a food blogger.

This is not a mommy blog, mostly because at the moment I have no children, but I do hope that will come along in time.  I am looking forward to having kids, but I’m not (and probably won’t be) a mommy blogger.

This is not a doggy blog, either — we just got a puppy, but I have a lot of other things in my life to write about besides him or the three feline furballs.  I love my puppy, but I’m not a doggy blogger.

This is not a running blog, even though I am a sometimes runner and a once-and-future triathlete.  I like to run races, but I’m not an athlete-blogger.

This can’t be a crafty blog, thanks to my complete lack of spare time for elaborate craft projects and perpetual start-itis.  My closet full of UFOs is pretty telling, but I’m not a knitblogger or a quilty blogger or a scrapbook blogger.

This isn’t an interfaith blog; it almost was, I even had a fancy title (“Meditations of My Hearth”, pretty catchy don’t you think?) and everything, but I think I want to write more than that.  I expect to discuss my marriage and our dual-faith home quite a bit, but this isn’t a faith blog.

There are, as you can see, a lot of things this blog isn’t.  It’s also not a medical blog, a political blog or a gamer blog.  I suppose I’m working at defining this space by explaining what it isn’t, but in the end, defining the blog is proving as difficult as defining myself.  And in the end, that is itself the answer.

This blog is about me, and my life.  Stick around for a while and we’ll figure out what that means.